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a growing network, 
of creatives 
working together.

how it works

Openspace is more than just a co-working space. The idea is to build a new model for young creative talent. An incubator where filmmakers, designers and other creators can have projects managed & distributed to them under one roof.  We would internally be made up of a team of project managers, admin, business development and creative directors.

Our carefully picked network of creators would be given a dedicated workspace they can use for projects, a steady stream of team/ individual projects acquired and managed by us with a baked in dedicated rates and the ownership and ability to showcase any work undertaken in their personal portfolio.

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welcome to the space

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the idea

A newer more refreshing take on the traditional 'media agency'. We want to incentivise and incubate freelancers / co-creators, give them a place to work, the work itself and dedicated project managers. All in exchange for a portion of their time and the ability to retain their services for projects undertaken as part of VMV. 


for the creator

An office / studio space they can use for personal and VMV. projects.

A steady stream of team / individual projects acquired and managed by VMV. with a baked in dedicated rates.

The ownership and ability to showcase any work undertaken on their personal portfolio.


for the studio

Access to the creators in our network to pitch forward for larger client projects.

A reduced rate for services from the creators in our network.

A nominal amount of time reserved for VMV. projects from our creators.


current set up

We're based in London, but work internationally. Our studio space is where come together to work collaboratively on edits, shoot products and lifestyle and host client meetings and creative sessions. 

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conscious efforts

What we create matters, but who we create for, matters more. We want to continue working with purpose driven brands, who have conscious efforts and visually tell the right stories. 

our partners

In the creative space it's well known that we're more powerful when working together. We have alliances with a few entities to further our output. 

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