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That's right, grid design for instagram. Important.

Social media is arguably today's most critical beating heart for any brand; Instagram is where a lot of that lives. Being a visual first platform, creating a grid thats inviting, followable, informative, and on brand can be quite challenging.

This is where I can help. Art direction is all about birthing a visual universe, and executing every action with it in mind. It takes a good eye, and a lot of discipline.

For businesses, a good instagram page is the difference between a one time customer, and long term consumer. This is a place where you can build relationships with a real audience, and take advantage of true mass influence.

Grids on brand,

 it's a thing.

Art direction

This has become an important part of social. Branding is not just a look, it's a feeling. 

Your grids need to work as an ensemble. Content needs to be planned way in advance to see how visuals fit together and ensure the message is present. 

The process usually entails greats inspiration. Finding aspirational brand using their social platforms to stand strong visually is a good start. Next, we'd create content pillars that have relevance to your message. Lastly, we create the look - paring together original and community curated continent to formulate the perfect grid.

Client grids

Gird planning.

There are a number of great planning applications that allow you to design the grids, schedule and auto-post content. The benefit of these is curation. We can source community images and puzzle them together in a specific way to make your grid look a lot slicker, and l lot more followable.

Finding the look.

It's hard to decide what this "look"  even is. Looking at a brand that you'd aspire to be like is a good start. Usually there is an industry leader who is smashing theirInstagram game. Let's draw out what they are doing right and apply it

The art of curation.

Sourcing content to repost is tricky. It's all out there and done for you, but remember, it's about the grid aesthetic overall. Carfully selecting the right images is about brand value. Perhaps this paticular influencer has an audience we can tap into. Or their content is so inline with the message your brand wants to convey.

Community Management.

Once the grid is self fulfilling, the content is going out, engagement is key. Your account needs to continue to interact and engage with micro communities within the content pillars outlines. This way you are able to physically forge friendships that can be massively valuable as influence.

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